Philippe Doyle Gray | Barrister

Philippe Doyle Gray
8 Wentworth Chambers

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About me

I am a barrister with over 20 years' legal experience who loves working in litigation and dispute resolution.

I pride myself on being a lawyer's lawyer. Throughout my career, I have been entrusted by my colleagues to guide, advise, and represent them and their families.

From billionaires to ordinary mums and dads, my clients have been business people, insurance companies, publishers, banks, property developers, doctors, building and construction professionals, multinational corporations, government bodies and public institutions.

Pro bono work is a hallmark of a professional and at any one moment in time, amongst my current crop of cases, I am usually representing somebody referred by the Courts for free legal assistance.

Client testimonials

Confidentiality is the bedrock of the lawyer-client relationship.

I provide a safe space where you can feel most at ease disclosing everything, no matter how damaging, humiliating, or incriminating.

I take great care keeping your secrets a secret, and keeping details of your personal life private.

I want you to feel comfortable that you will never be embarrassed by a family member, friend, or work colleague seeing your name on this website and asking you about it.

So, I don't do client testimonials.



I have been involved in over 3,500 disputes.

Life's problems seldom fit inside neat boxes.

And legal disputes seldom fit inside a single field of law.

Judges must handle all types of disputes, and long ago I decided to develop that ability in myself.

While my work spans many different fields of law, I am particularly interested in:

  • fraud and dishonesty in personal and business relations

  • elder abuse and financial exploitation of the vulnerable

  • complex commercial disputes

  • professional negligence, unethical conduct, and professional regulation

  • legal costs and disbursements, legal fees and expenses, and

  • hard cases that nobody else wants to do.