About me

In 1996, I started practice as a solicitor at the age of 23, as one of the youngest solicitors in New South Wales. I had completed studies at the University of Sydney culminating with the degrees of Bachelor of Laws, and Bachelor of Arts (with a major in Theoretical Chemistry). After winning a legal scholarship, I started work at various boutique solicitor firms for 5 years specialising in litigation. In 2001, I became a barrister.

I work in civil litigation, with an emphasis on commercial, deceased estate and building disputes. However, I am also regularly consulted by my colleagues for professional advice, and am occasionally retained to act on their behalf, or on behalf of a member of their own family.

Throughout my professional life I have been an active member of various professional bodies including the Law Society, the Bar Association, the Legal Profession Admission Board and Young Lawyers.  I have been elected by my peers to various positions, and hold various professional appointments. I am also a Tutor on the statutory list of tutors pursuant to section 56(1)(b) of the Legal Profession Act 2004, and from time-to-time a professional ethics examiner.

More information, including links to professional bodies, is available in my Long Resume 

Long resume

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